A week of breakfasts!

If we look back a month or so ago, I would have not touched breakfast with a barge-pole unless my parents had their wary eyes on me. And even then, it would have been minimal oats with water. If we look back over this past week since I’ve started my ‘real’ recovery, it paints a whole different image – a world of delicious and nourishing breakfasts foods to get my day of to a good start.

I won’t lie, its been tough to go through such a change of eating and it creates a lot of mental challenges for me but honestly, I enjoy eating breakfast! I may get the shakes, I may feel a little panicky, I may get quite stressed out BUT its far better than having 5 cups of black coffee, a grumbling tummy and barely enough energy to walk out the door.

I’m one step closer to fully Minnie Maud-ing (check out my youreatopia.com to find put about MM recovery plan) and honestly, there hasn’t been a day where I’ve regretted making the decision to start.

So… here’s my week of breakfasts. Not all of my breakfast is necessarily photographed, because I have to eat *** calories, so I often end up topping up with lattes, fruit, waffles and ice cream! Apologies for the slightly unattractive appearance of them; photography is not my strong point!

  • What’s your favourite breakfast?
  • What’s your favourite meal of the day?
  • What’s changed in your life over the past month?

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